Portland Open Beer Club


Portland Open Beer Club and Portland Open Coffee Club are monthly meetups offering a low key, agenda-free format centered around meeting like-minded individuals and talking about technology, the web, and startups.

The Portland Open Beer Club meets the second Thursday of every month at Green Dragon at 5pm.

Both meetups are part of the international Open Coffee Club movement. Read more at opencoffeeclub.org


The second Thursday of every month at 5pm. Next meeting is November 13th, 2008!

NOTE: Due to Ignite also being on November 13th, Portland Open Beer will only last until 6pm or so, to allow people plenty of time to get to Ignite.


Green Dragon
928 SE 9th Ave
Portland, Oregon


If you attend POBC, say hi to the organizer, Ben Strackany. Tall blond guy with an orange jacket. Follow us on Twitter at @bstrackany. Also feel free to check out Portland Open Coffee if that's more your thing.

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